Creating a Custom Rotation Gesture Recognizer for iOS Apps

Motivation Any developer with aspirations of creating a killer app will almost certainly expand the UI beyond the standard offerings provided by Apple. While the standard API is functional and fairly complete, the intense competition in the App Store requires…

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Creating Attractive and Functional HTML5 Canvas Gauges with CanvasDial.js

September 18, 2013

Introduction With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets running native apps containing beautiful and dynamic graphics, expectations from users are high. At the same time, Web technology is improving rapidly, and the capabilities of Web applications are getting closer to…

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Testing The Effects Of Elitism, Mutation, And Crossover In Genetic Algorithms

Background A Genetic Algorithm attempts to discover an optimal solution to a problem by mimicking biological evolution. Potential solutions (known as a population of schemas) are subjected to fitness tests in a sort of natural selection to determine which solutions…

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